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BioShock: Infinite Crack


BioShock: Infinite CRACK


BioShock: Infinite is another series of shooters, the authors opt for unconventional storyline and expanded gameplay. For a time, the production was known as Project Icarus. The whole game is a continuation of that took place in the underwater city of Rapture (BioShock, BioShock 2), but minor installment of the brand. The studio is responsible for the development of Irrational Games, BioShock games known or System Shock 2

The action takes place in the early twentieth century. The game takes on Booker DeWitt, a detective working for the Pinkerton Agency. Unfortunately, the hero is expelled from office after a raid and starts working on his own, taking a well-paid, but extremely dangerous and risky job. One of them takes DeWitt aboard Columbia, a sky extraordinary city. Metropolis was originally supposed to be a peaceful project, but turned out to be flying fortress. Took control of the city known group that kidnaps and imprisons impunity of people and threatens the entire world. Our job is to get out of that place a woman named Elizabeth. It will not be easy, because Columbia torn between two conflicting forces. Each of them has its own plans for the woman. The ruling metropolis imprisoned her for long fifteen years and will stop at nothing to extend this slavery. However, competitive radical military faction known as Vox Populi, Elizabeth wants to use to take over power in Columbia.



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