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Elder Scrolls Online Instaler



The Elder Scrolls Online is the MMO game, where the action is located in the world depicted in the games of the series The Elder Scrolls. Over its production work since 2007, a 250-strong team of ZeniMax Online Studios.

The game is set in the millennium before the events of The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. The story revolves around a pact that was signed between the family and the powerful necromancer Thern Mannimarco. This contract is related to an attempt to recover the lost empire of power and to extend its influence in additional territories. The aristocracy of the continent of Tamriel do not know, however, that Mannimarco an alliance with a powerful demon Molag Bal, whose aim is to gain power over the world. With your dark alliance fell in battle heroes can be brought back to life and get back to turning the next battle. The assumption of developers, it is a prelude to a much more complicated history.

During the game, players can perform different order, just as in any RPG. These challenges are similar in nature, which orders the other games of the series The Elder Scrolls. In addition, special emphasis was placed on random events that can happen to a character at any time, such as skirmishes with bandits.

Players can choose which faction will include their hero. There are three factions, each fighting the Empire and is held by a powerful army. These fractions are Ebonheart Pact (syndicated race Nords, Dunmer and Argonian), Dominion Aldmeru (Salache, Bosmeri and Khajiitowie) and Daggerfall Covenant (Orcs, Bretons, Redgardowie). The ultimate goal of each is to get the nation’s capital. The leader of the group that will do this, is appointed emperor and uses special przywilejów.Oprócz the protagonist can join one of several organizations as the appropriate skills. These include Mages Guild, Thieves and Warriors.

The game world that players can feel comfortable and leisurely explore, it is much larger than the one at which we touched upon in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, so that for example, for the first time in the history of the cycle, for example, you can go to a country race Khajiiti – Elsweyr.




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Elder Scrolls Online Instaler




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