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FIFA 14 FULL + CRACK available before the release!


FIFA 14 already available before the release! The game is charged with our lancher. The game after the installation of our lancher not require crack and if necessary, updated to the latest version. Moreover, thanks to our lancherowi will be able to play in our network.

Below we give the link to the crack


The gameplay in FIFA 14 is based on the solutions of earlier views of the cycle, although his custom developers also tempted by a number of innovations designed to improve the attractiveness of virtual struggle on the football field. Seriously, has been changed, eg ball physics so futbolówkę behaves more realistically and predictably. The completely remodeling the system of passing shots. Players – if they have opportunity to do so – adjusting step, the speed and angle of approach into the ball to give the best shot towards the goal of opponents.

In FIFA 14 players also gained greater control over the construction of the stock and the game in the middle, allowing you to dictate the pace of the match. In addition, developers have introduced such improvements as increased intelligence teammates, the ability to overclock passes and dribbling on the run and a wider repertoire of plays on defense.






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