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Football Manager 2014 PC [ENG] + CRACK

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The basic principles of the game have not changed drastically, but the authors also introduced a huge number of minor improvements and modifications, which together make Football Manager 2014 is the most realistic installment of the series. Developers significantly modernized 3D engine responsible for the conduct of matches, which provided a more advanced artificial intelligence, more detailed characters and fields, and smoother animation players. System has been thoroughly reworked transfers and contracts, as well as the mechanisms that govern the relationships between employees, management, players and coaches competing. Everything is approached backstage gameplay elements to what takes place in reality.




Football Manager 2014 PC MANAGER

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Football Manager 2014 PC [ISO + CRACK]

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  1. HonlyMonly #

    First! : D works great I had problems with flashing crack (I downloaded version REPACK) and Crack had to download separately 🙂 I do not know the version of Manager.

  2. Pency #

    I prefer FIFA 🙂 But if you like 🙂 Thanks

  3. Gamse #

    Thanks, I look forward to the multiplayer version 🙂

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    Manager works 🙂 Thanks a great solution

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