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Metro: Last Light PC + CRACK

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Metro: Last Light – is a first person action created by the studio 4A Games, the authors of the previous section. The plot is based on motifs from the novel series of Russian author Dmitry Głuchowski.

The action takes place in the near future, in a world ravaged by a nuclear apocalypse. Most of the city was razed and their inhabitants met his death. Survived only a handful of people, including several thousand group that just when the bombs fell was in the Moscow subway, which is the largest in the history of the shelter przeciwatomowym. In subsequent years, they have created their own self-contained underground community. However, on the surface radiation mutated animals, turning them into monsters, which are increasingly attacking last bastions of humanity. Again takes on Artyom, the hero of the first part. Metro 2033 had two different endings. The need to continue makers have to decide which of them will be true. Finally the more pessimistic of the finals.

Metro: Last Light is an action game played from a first person perspective. Most of the time our job is to wade through the linear levels and shoot the enemies. At the same time fun skradankowe dotted sections in which the best tactic is to eliminate enemies quiet. In addition, developers were inspired by the genre of survival horror. This means that often we lack ammunition, and a lot of levels designed to evoked fear in players.

In comparison with the first part appeared more large site, where it is possible to use different tactics and select several routes to the destination. Sequences have also been improving składankowe, artificial intelligence opponents, and the dynamics of clashes. Expanded the arsenal of weapons available. It is worth noting that thrilling encounter but do not dominate over the survival horror sequences known from the previous Subway. The proportions between the two styles remained the same as in the first part.



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Metro: Last Light PC + CRACK

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