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Two versions of Pokemon games available on the PC platform!


Only by our manager, you can download two versions of Pokemon games. PlayGameHacker has exerted full effort to make the game on the PC platform was played as the most flexibly. The game takes on a Pokemon trainers authors roaming the world in search of new, more powerful Pokemon to catch them, train, and later used in the fight against the other dare-devils. Edit X popular series includes new species of Pokémon, including three previously unavailable starting monsters: Chespin, Fennekin and Froakie. Gameplay consists of exploring the site, elements of skill, talk to other characters and to keep fighting. The latter was carried out in a well-known convention – held in turn clashes, during which uses several types of Pokémon, armed with a variety of skills and techniques.



Pokemon X Y PC Manager

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6 Responses to “Pokemon X Y PC VERSION”

  1. Soldat2 #

    Pokemon, always cool 🙂

  2. QWERTY12 #

    I love this game 😀

  3. Playsedoo #

    It’s fun to play a version of X, I recommend 🙂

  4. Handy #

    Which one is first?

  5. GoodYe #

    The first is Y, but not much different.

  6. Thank you !

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