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Slender: The Arrival PC [ENG]

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Slender: The Arrival is a video game, in development by Parsec Productions and Blue Isle Studios. It is a commercial remix version of the highly-popular game Slender: The Eight Pages. It is due for release on PC on March 26, 2013, and Mac OS X at a later date. Like its predecessor, the game is based on the Something Awful forums’ creation, the Slender Man.

nce again, in the game the player wanders around a forest at night, still from the point of view of a camera. The current playable mode in the Beta version is similar to the first Slender game. Slender Man gives more of a warning than the first game. He can also walk, and chase after the player. As a result, the building landmark is more dangerous; if the player goes into a room with only one exit, Slender Man can lock it.

The death screen is also different; while in the original the player saw a white background with his face, the one for Slender: The Arrival is black with a color inverted Slender Man.







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    The worst game of the year! It is strongly recommended.

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